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Cleaning Guidelines

At Miller Workspaces, we prioritise cleanliness and hygiene to provide a safe and healthy environment for all our customers.

Below are the guidelines we follow for daily cleaning and maintenance:

  1. Regular Cleaning Schedule: Our premises are cleaned on a daily basis by our dedicated cleaning staff. They ensure that all common areas, workstations, meeting rooms, bathrooms, and high-touch surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and sanitised.
  2. Surface Disinfection: We use industry-standard disinfectants approved by relevant health authorities to clean and sanitise surfaces regularly. This includes tables, chairs, countertops, doorknobs, light switches, and other frequently touched areas.
  3. Bathroom Maintenance: Our bathrooms are cleaned throughout the day to maintain cleanliness and hygiene. We stock them with hand soap, paper towels, and hand sanitisers for your convenience.
  4. Air Quality and Ventilation: We prioritise good air quality by regularly maintaining and cleaning our HVAC systems. Our ventilation systems are designed to provide fresh air circulation, ensuring a clean and comfortable working environment.
  5. Waste Management: We have designated waste disposal areas where you can easily dispose of your rubbish. Our cleaning staff empties bins and ensures proper waste management.
  6. Customer Responsibility: We encourage all our customers to maintain cleanliness and hygiene by cleaning up after themselves. This includes clearing personal belongings, disposing of waste appropriately, and keeping their workstations tidy.
  7. Enhanced Cleaning Measures: Since the COVID-19 pandemic, we have implemented additional cleaning measures. This includes increased frequency of disinfection, paying special attention to high-touch surfaces, and providing hand sanitisers in multiple locations.